Transform: FPE - Floats

class gretel_client.transformers.transformers.fpe_float.FpeFloat(config: gretel_client.transformers.transformers.fpe_float.FpeFloatConfig)

alias of FpeFloatConfig

class gretel_client.transformers.transformers.fpe_float.FpeFloatConfig(labels: List[str] = None, minimum_score: Optional[float] = None, radix: int = None, secret: str = None, aes_mode: gretel_client.transformers.fpe.crypto_aes.Mode = <Mode.CBC: 2>, float_precision: int = None)

FpeFloat transformer applies a format preserving encryption (FPE) as defined by to the data value. The encryption works on strings and float values. Strings get treated as numerical values before the FPE transform gets applied. The result is stateless and given the correct key, the original value can be restored.

  • radix – Base from 2 to 62, determines base of incoming data types. Base2 = binary, Base62 = alphanumeric including upper and lower case characters.

  • secret – 256bit AES encryption string specified as 64 hexadecimal characters.

  • float_precision – What precision should be kept during encryption. For example, if “2” is provided then all digits beyond the second decimal place will be encrypted.