Transform: Faker Entity Replacement

class gretel_client.transformers.transformers.fake_constant.FakeConstant(config: gretel_client.transformers.transformers.fake_constant.FakeConstantConfig)

alias of FakeConstantConfig

class gretel_client.transformers.transformers.fake_constant.FakeConstantConfig(labels: List[str] = None, minimum_score: Optional[float] = None, seed: int = None, fake_method: str = None, locales: List[str] = None, locale_seed: Optional[int] = 0)

Create a fake value of a certain entity / type given an input value.

  • seed – A required starting seed for the underlying fake generator. Use the same seed in order to get the same fake values for a given input.

  • fake_method – A string of what kind of fake entity to create. One of the keys from the FAKER_MAP mapping. The return type from Faker is retained and used to replace the source value. Please see the faker module docs for the available methods to use.

  • locales – A list of locales to use for generating fake values. Please see the faker module docs for the available locales to use.

  • locale_seed – An optional seed to use for initializing the order of locales to be used for creating fake values