Transform: Conditional

class gretel_client.transformers.transformers.conditional.Conditional(config: gretel_client.transformers.transformers.conditional.ConditionalConfig)

alias of ConditionalConfig

class gretel_client.transformers.transformers.conditional.ConditionalConfig(labels: List[str] = None, minimum_score: Optional[float] = None, conditional_value: gretel_client.transformers.base.FieldRef = None, regex: Union[str, re.Pattern] = None, true_xform: gretel_client.transformers.base.TransformerConfig = None, false_xform: gretel_client.transformers.base.TransformerConfig = None)

Run a transform based on checking the value of another field. You may use a regex to check that the value of a field matches or not. If the regex matches, then the true_xform transform will run, otherwise, the false_xform will run.

If either the true or false transform configurations are None then the record will not be transformed depending on the matched case.

In this example we’ll redact with X if the conditional field contains “foo” and Y if it does not:

xf = ConditionalConfig(
  • conditional_value – A FieldRef that defines what field to check for the regex match

  • regex – A regex string that is used to check the value of the conditional_value field

  • true_xform – A transform config that will be run if the regex matches, if None, no transform is run

  • false_xform – A transform config that will run if the regex does not match, if None, no transform is run