Transform: Field Combiner

class gretel_client.transformers.transformers.combine.Combine(config: gretel_client.transformers.transformers.combine.CombineConfig)

alias of CombineConfig

class gretel_client.transformers.transformers.combine.CombineConfig(labels: List[str] = None, minimum_score: Optional[float] = None, combine: gretel_client.transformers.base.FieldRef = None, separator: str = None)

Combine multiple fields into a single field.

  • combine – A FieldRef instance with the field_name parameter set to a list of fields that should be combined.

  • separator – A string that will separate the values of the combined fields.


If you are combining fields: “foo”, “bar”, and “baz”, you can create a FieldRef that only contains “bar” and “baz” in a list for the field_name param. When you create the DataPath for this transform, the input field to the path would be set to match on “foo”.