Restore Pipeline Components

This module contains the interfaces for transformation restore pipelines. The primary interface here for users is the DataRestorePipeline which can be used to reverse the transforms done in a previous transform pipeline. It will only restore transforms for the transformers that have explicit restore capabilities.

class gretel_client.transformers.data_restore_pipeline.DataRestorePipeline(data_paths: List[gretel_client.transformers.data_pipeline.DataPath])

This class is a container for data paths describing a record restore transformation.

This class is used to reverse the transformations that were made previously. Not all transformations are reversable. This pipeline only acts on transformers that have a restore capability.

It constructs a data pipeline from a list of DataPath objects and is used to process records based on the order of the data path list. You can think of it as a bundle of data paths.


data_paths – A list of DataPath instances.

transform_record(payload: dict)

Restore elligible fields to their original values. Only Transformations that have restore capabilities will be reversed. Any other transforms that were done that do not have a restore mode will remain the same.

Originally un-transformed fields will also remain the same